Products Pricing

At Custom Communications we have been providing quality answering service since 1980. Our agents are the most highly trained in the industry. Our state-of-the-art computerized system allows us to program the specific information needed to obtain and relay the exact information necessary to serve you. Our competitive pricing allows you to have the best without paying more.

Custom Communications agents are all based in the US! Each agent receives the most extensive training in our industry, and is individually trained to handle your telephone calls just as you wish. We always staff bi-lingual agents so that we can provide the same care to every caller whether they speak English or Spanish.

Our rates are based on the exact amount of agent time used to process your calls, emails, scheduling, etc. There are no “minimum call” times or “rounding” used. In the event your usage is higher or lower than expected, We always review our client’s call volume mid-month for the first few months of service to determine if they require a different rate plan. Initially, we will retroactively change to the plan that is most beneficial to you after receiving your approval.

Our service agreement is for the initial term of ninety (90) days, and renews month to month thereafter. We require 1st and final month’s base rate to commence service. We do not charge a set-up fee.

Dial Out calls – Included
Patches – Included
Bilingual (if needed) – Included 24/7
Fax Service – Included
Email & Text Message Service – Included
Holiday Staffing – Included
Account Activation or Set Up Fee – None
Training Hours – Included
Program Management Fees – Included

Here are some sample packages:

Monthly Rate Agent Minutes Included Overage Billing Rate
$39.00 30 Agent Minutes $1.40 per minute
$110.00 100 Agent Minutes $1.20 per minute
$150.00 140 Agent Minutes $1.17 per minute
$250.00 240 Agent Minutes $1.14 per minute
$400.00 390 Agent Minutes $1.13 per minute
$600.00 600 Agent Minutes $1.10 per minute
$1,000.00 1,050 Agent Minutes $1.05 per minute
$2,000.00 2,200 Agent Minutes $1.00 per minute
$3,000.00 4,000 Agent Minutes $0.85 per minute